De"mist"ifying Sectional Title

Finally a book that makes sense of Sectional Title

What is Sectional Title? How does it work? There's now finally a book that answers all your possible questions and gives advice about every aspect of community lifestyle, accessibility, with a uniquely energetic and spirited approach.

"It's about time that there is a book that speaks to the layperson about their rights and obligations in these complexes" say authors of De "mist" ifying Sectional Title, Marina Constas and Karen Bleijs. Marina is a Director of BBM Attorneys, a specialist Sectional Title Attorney, and is a well known speaker and qualified Arbitrator. She believes in the free flow of information as a empowerment tool. The book is a tribute to the late Bob Gauld, doyen of Sectional Title in South Africa, and mentor to the authors.

Sectional Title property includes townhouses and flats where an individual owns his own unit in the building. "We're in the unique position of dealing with all the players in the industry from banks and owners to Buyers, Estate Agents and Developers. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of developments in the industry." Interestingly, the book also deals with cluster developments, timeshare and retirement villages.

If you're not sure of your rights when it comes to owning a Sectional Title flat or townhouse this book will ensure that you do. Chapters include everything from keeping pets, levies and parking to satellite television and rights of extension. It's complete with fun cartoons as illustrations. "We believe in transparency and accessibility to the law", says Marina. It also includes a twenty point checklist about buying into Sectional Title for first time buyers, "There's enough here for the seasoned expert, but also for someone coming in cold," says Karen.

Providing knowledge for buyers, Owners, Trustees, Managing agents, Estate Agents and Property Developers, and in fact anybody involved with Sectional Title, it's an essential handbook that's packed with beneficial relevant, and practical information. "It fills the gap in the market of an easy to read and comprehensive book, stating the legal position clearly, but without the confusing jargon," says Marina, adding, "knowledge is power".

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